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Who we are

We are here to support men and women affected by cancer at every stage of their journey.

We also assist and support the families and supporters  of those living with cancer or any family member bereaved by cancer.

Our Services

We have been working very hard to re-create some of our services to be available to you in new ways, such as via telephone call & Zoom online video calling, and we are delighted to now offer the following services via these platforms


When you or someone close to you is diagnosed with cancer it is normal to experience a range of emotions.


Using oils extracted from bushes, flowers, plants and herbs, aromatherapy massage makes use of touch and smell to help relieve anxiety and some types of pain.

Relaxation & Mindfulness

The therapy of relaxation seeks to promote peace and balance.


Massage treatment to the reflex areas of the feet and hands is known as reflexology.


Yoga can be a natural way to help you relax and cope with stress, lift your mood and enhance your well-being.


Massage treatment to the reflex areas of the feet and hands is known as reflexology.

Scar Tissue Therapy

Scar tissue therapy is a specialised treatment that will help clients with scares or any changes in tissue following surgery or radiotherapy.

For more information

please email
or call: 028 8676 9217

What can we offer you?​

Our complementary approach covers the following services:

  • Physical – body therapies, reflexology, massage & aromatherapy as well as nutritional advice
  • Psychological – counselling, mindfulness, meditation, & colour breathing therapy
  • Emotional – befriending services, emotional support, support groups & events

We are here to help and support those living with cancer, and their loved ones, in assisting them to understand and help themselves. We work in conjunction with clinical treatments and our comfortable treatment rooms are purpose designed for the delivery of complementary therapies by trained practitioners- all free of charge.

Charis is here for you. We want to offer you every form of support that is possible. Our role is to listen and support, providing a warm, nurturing environment with experienced and understanding professionals and therapists.

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