When you or someone close to you is diagnosed with cancer it is normal to experience a range of emotions, this is entirely understandable

At this stage it can be helpful for you to speak to a counsellor, to help express these emotions and begin to process them, addressing any concerns you may have and having a safe space to talk openly about what you are experiencing. 

At Charis, our counsellors provide a secure, confidential and caring environment for you, so you can explore your thoughts, feelings and emotions in complete confidence and without judgement. This can help you any feelings of being alone, or unable to cope or process what you are going through.

Counselling can enable and power you to find and use the resolve and inner strength to manage more effectively. Some people with a cancer diagnosis may find it difficult to talk to family, friends or supporters – this can be completely normal. Some people may describe putting up emotional barriers to protect the ones close to them, and counselling may help deal with this or any issues that could arise. Our counsellors understand what you may be feeling, and their role is to help you with any difficulties you may be experiencing. 

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