My experience as a client of Charis – A personal testimony.

As a next of kin for my husband, currently recovering from prostate cancer and a client of Charis, I wish to personally express my appreciation in having had the opportunity to avail of the complimentary therapies at the Charis Centre.

In my experience Charis is an “oasis of peace” from the initial drive up to the Centre, the beauty of the outdoor environment, the indoor entrance, the welcoming ambience, the reception and the overall ethos which permeates throughout the entire establishment. The freshness of atmosphere, cleanliness and floral displays add to the tone of the surroundings.

It is evident that the Director, Imelda, Administrator, Donna and the array of therapists including the volunteers (not forgetting the grounds man!) have created and nurtured a most special haven to assist and support the wellbeing and holistic development of all clients.

On this occasion it was evident that the counselling therapy was pertinent to my current needs. The professionalism, competency and expertise displayed by the counsellor, Tillie, were exceptional.   I am thoroughly indebted to her for assisting me in acceptance of myself and others. She is such a gifted and talented counsellor and was so willing to support ones holistic development and growth. I am so very grateful to her. Indeed the entire team at Charis is to be congratulated. They are inspirational!

The view from the conservatory/sun room where I chose to sit, having a coffee, reading the newspaper prior to my session (and post therapy if I wished) overlooking Lough Fea and the beauty of nature, was a moment of magic for me personally. To this effect, the peacefulness, tranquillity and nurturing of my wellbeing was so very uplifting.

In essence, to me Charis is a “Haven of Hope” reflecting;

  • Care
  • Consolation
  • Comforting of the mind, body and soul
  • Confidence within the individual.

I am so very grateful that I was given this opportunity in life’s journey. This experience has certainly been a milestone in my pathway. The Director and team are to be congratulated in their professionalism, proficiency and knowledge. I am confident that Charis’s success will continue to develop from strength to strength – a holistic centre evolving to a Centre of Excellence in the realms of Complimentary Therapy. Feel proud of your achievements.

Thank you and may the Lord continue to bless you all in your wonderful work.



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