Charis Cancer Care Voted Best Holistic Cancer Care Provider 2018

Charis Cancer Care has been voted Best Holistic Cancer Care Provider 2018 by SME News. With Northern Ireland being a growing and strengthening economic influence in the UK, the 2018 Northern Ireland Business Awards seek to celebrate and promote local businesses of various size and influence.

SME News Awards coordinator Nathan Angell explains:

“Now in their second year, the 2018 Northern Ireland Business Awards showcase leading organisations from a range of sectors, from communication service providers to real estate businesses. They celebrate the very best of what Northern Ireland has to offer. Our dedicated in-house research department has worked tirelessly to make sure that every measure is taken to ensure that only the most deserving candidates are selected as winners. These awards are based purely on merit and we pride ourselves on discovering new and little-known companies deserving of accolade.”

Responding to the news that Charis Cancer Care has been awarded Best Holistic Cancer Care Provider 2018, Centre Director, Imelda McGucken says:

“It’s absolutely sensational that Charis has been acknowledged for the services it provides. Charis Cancer Care is a charity which supports people affected by cancer, their families and supporters at every stage of the journey, and any family member bereaved by Cancer. Moving forward after treatment can feel like a huge mountain to climb, and Charis Cancer Care aims to empower more men and women to live life with confidence. A huge, huge thank you to everyone who voted for us. This award means a lot to our trustees, staff and volunteers.”

Complementary therapies are becoming increasingly popular in helping to reduce the side effects of cancer treatment. Used alongside conventional medical treatments prescribed by a doctor, they can help people with cancer to feel better and may improve their quality of life. They do not aim to cure the person’s cancer. Instead they are used to help control symptoms such as pain and fatigue. Complementary therapies include massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, counselling, relaxation, meditation and visualisation. In addition, Charis group workshops which focus on Art, Craft, Bereavement, Relaxation, Walking, Mindfulness and Yoga are also extremely popular.

Should you wish to make a donation to Charis to support cancer patients, their families and those bereaved with cancer, please contact Director of Fundraising Veronica Morris on T: 028 8676 9217 M. 07738 492541 or E. All donations go straight to the charity.



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