Helping Physically and Mentally

I am 30 years old, happily married, with a beautiful three year old daughter.

In June 2009 something that I had always been so afraid of happened – I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I underwent surgery and treatment and then apart from hospital check-ups I was on my own – until I heard of Charis and the amazing story of how it came into being. I really thought it was too good to be true.

As soon as I saw the house and its beautiful surroundings I just broke down and cried.   Immediately I knew that this was something special and I completely connected with it. As we were shown round I felt such a peace and calmness, the word ‘cancer’ and all the ‘what if’s’ which had constantly been in the forefront of my mind seemed to gently float away.

I can honestly say that Charis and each person involved with it played a massive part in getting me back on my feet, helping me to cope with cancer and most importantly to fight it, giving me such a positive outlook on my life, completely turning it around! Without this invaluable help and support I would still be struggling to come to terms with everything. Each individual treatment that I kindly received, from counselling to reflexology was such a positive and very enjoyable experience and helped me physically and mentally to cope.

Unfortunately the cancer came back in July 2011 and once again Charis and everyone and everything that goes with it helped me. For me it provides an environment where I can visit and look forward to visiting without having to worry about that fear and anxiety that I feel when attending hospital appointments.

I can honestly say that Charis is my new home and family where I feel completely safe knowing that there are incredible people there who genuinely care for me as a person and will provide me with support in any way that they can. Charis is a lifeline that I cannot do without.



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Welcomed With Open Arms

When my friend was diagnosed with cancer I was devastated and felt helpless. I felt whatever I might say or do may hurt further.